Jason grew up in New York City. His father's work took the family to Japan where they lived for three years when Jason was seven years old. His mother Jill worked until he was in high school as a jewelry designer. His father Peter still works in finance. Jason has one younger brother, Ben, who is six years younger than Jason. Jason's parents instilled a strong work ethic and love of art from an early age. As boys weekends were spent going to museums and art galleries which eventually led to Jason's studying and becoming an artist. While academics were important his family Jason loved the theatre most and spent long hours reading plays and his parents would take him to the theater. Jason also loved sports and played ice hockey and wrestled in school and still snow boards avidly in the winters as an adult. He spent every summer at camp where he learned how to do many different sports and activities his favorite of which was canoeing. He and his fellow campers would take long canoe trips that would last upward of 16 days. Jason particularly cherishes his many memories at camp as some of the most special and impactful of his youth. Jason is very grateful for the many interests and activities he was exposed to as a kid and believes that as a parent one of the most important things you can do for a child is to expose them to every opportunity so they can find and pursue their own passions. 


We love to travel and all of our vacations involve family. Whether it's going skiing with Jason's family in Wyoming or water skiing in the summers with Leslie's family in Lake Tahoe, we spend all of our free time with family. In the summers we bump around between California (LA to see Natalie, Rick and Karina. San Francisco to see Leslie's mom. Lake Tahoe to meet up with Leslie's sisters. Sonoma to visit Leslie's dad), Upstate NY (to see Jason's parents), and Long Island (to see Leslie's sister Alexandra). In the winter we go on ski trips for Jason and try to make it somewhere warm for Leslie. Jason loves the mountains and Leslie prefers the beach--a luxury issue though one that will never be resolved! 


Leslie is one of five sisters. Her sisters are Natalie, Emilie, Alexandra, and JJ. Leslie is the middle sister. Her mom and dad are Lynn and Mara. Leslie grew up in a very lively and active household. Leslie has five cousins between her dad's siblings (her mom is an only child), but she has an extensive network of families that she grew up with that they all consider as family. Leslie traveled all over the world with her family and family friends to Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, England, France, Italy, and more. As a kid she loved trying new foods, hearing new languages, and making friends in each new place. 

We will raise our family to be respectful and compassionate towards all people and with a deep sense of gratitude for all of the blessings we have been given in this life. Some of our most cherished values are honesty, friendship, forgiveness, patience, resilience, and hope. Education, hard work, and dedication to our chosen fields are a core foundation in our lives. We will compassionately nurture our family throughout their schooling by supporting their unique learning styles at each age to help develop a structure and foundation for discovering their talents and interests. Of course life brings challenges and and is wholly unpredictable. There are unexpected or unwelcome experiences around each corner for every person. We want our children to have the skills, the grit and the wherewithal to weather the difficult moments. We can parent by example in how to accept, process and ultimately use any adversities to grow, learn and become a stronger person. We believe in each child's uniqueness and individuality, and as parents want to support that personal exploration throughout their lives. Our children will know they are valued and they are loved no matter what, unconditionally. They will know that their uniqueness is always accepted, appreciated and celebrated. We promise to ourselves and our children that will be the generators of joy in their lives, and help them learn how to create joy in their own lives as they grow up. We promise to ourselves and our children to be resources for experience, knowledge and support. And when it’s time to start learning from our kids we promise to do that too. We want our kids to be active, responsible participants and citizens in the world. We will lead by example through our own actions and activities whether spiritual, social or political. We understand the world is a complicated place and that we have grown up very privileged. We will help our children to navigate this complex world through their opportunities but more importantly by understanding other's adversities.

We both work for ourselves. Jason is an artist and Leslie has her own business as an art advisor. Because we can make out schedules we have lots of time to be with our family and to be there especially in circumstances of illness. If the baby needs to go to the doctor we are able to immediately drop what we are doing and be available. We are able to attend all the school activities and be part of the school community. Leslie and Jason volunteer for Silas's school Art Show, Book Drive, and many other events each year. We are able to be home for dinner time, bath time, and bed time. We try to keep our time out of the house at night together as a couple short and rare. We try to arrange that one of us is home at night if the other needs to go out for a work engagement. 


We live in Brooklyn, NY close to the water. We are a three minute walk to a huge park with multiple playgrounds, soccer fields, public art installations, beaches, bike paths, a climbing wall, children's museum, a carousel, restaurants and more. We love having immediate access to so many activities and such fantastic outdoor space. Our home has three bedrooms and plenty of space for kids to run around. We have a work space for the kids to make art and a playroom filled with books, games, blocks, and legos. It's important to us that our home is warm and comfortable and filled with the memories and objects of our experiences and traditions. Our walls are filled with art, our shelves with art books, my collection of novels, Jason's record collection, and objects and textiles we have found from around the world. 


We were married at Jason's family home in Upstate NY with both of our families and closest friends. We danced all night and ate fried chicken and waffles. All of our family celebrations include music, dancing, and loads of food! Both of us grew up with the understanding that the more family, friends, kids, and food and dancing--the better! We discovered we were six weeks pregnant two days after our wedding and have been blessed with our son Silas who is now four years old. 

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. The last many years we have been together we spend Thanksgiving with Jason's family--his aunt, uncle, nephews, parents and brother. We love to cook with Jason's mom who has her recipes she has been cooking exactly the same forever. Every year she bakes a red velvet cake that is terrible, and we all tease her about it, but everyone still eats it! For us though the best part of Thanksgiving is our Friends-giving. For the last few years we and our closest friends have started celebrating Friends-giving. Each family volunteers to cook a different item and between all of us we end up have a huge pot-luck meal. Jason always cooks the turkey and takes it very seriously. He has his favorite turkey cooking methods but often tries out new techniques to see exactly how juicy and tender he can get it. Each year a different family hosts at their house--this year will be at our house. It's a lovely afternoon full of children, laughter and food. All the kids run around being crazy, and the adults get to hang out, talk, and listen to music. We decorate the table all together with flowers and toys and surprises for the kids. It's a sweet tradition that we plan to keep going for many years to come. 


We are a dog loving family and currently have two dogs Marcel and Doris. Our oldest dog Fifi passed away two years ago at the age of 17 and Marcel is going to be18 this year. Doris is a year and half old and came to us about a year after Fifi passed away. We intend to rescue another dog later this year. We love having animals in our lives. Jason grew up with dogs and Leslie grew up with dogs, cats, birds, fish, and chickens. Caring for animals and having them in our home is a joy in our lives. We want our children to experience the friendship and love of an animal and to learn the respect and responsibility in caring for another life. 


We were introduced by friends over 12 years ago. We were both in Switzerland at an art fair for work. At the time Leslie was working for an art gallery and Jason was a young artist. Though Jason had spotted Leslie from afar they were properly introduced at a party later that week. When we first met Leslie was not as interested in Jason as Jason was in Leslie, but they ended up dancing for hours that night and when Jason walked Leslie back to her hotel they shared their first kiss. At the time we were living in different cities but we stayed in touch and went out on our first official date a few weeks later when Jason was visiting Leslie in New York. We went to a sushi dinner and took a long walk around the city and from that moment on Jason and Leslie shared a strong connection which grew into a relationship and eventually marriage. We continued to date long distance for five years. Jason finally moved to Leslie's city once he was done with art school and they were engaged a year later. We have been married now for five years and counting.

Art Advisor & Successful Artist, Financial Security, Music, Travel, Loving Extended Family, LOVE Awaits Your Miracle Baby.

From the minute I met my wife I knew she was a beautiful challenging woman and I admire her every day. Leslie is a compassionate partner and mother. She is an intellectually curious learner that spends her days voraciously taking in culture and information. She is the most incredible mother to our son and partner to me. Her first priority every day is to support and love her family. Everything my wife does is in pursuit of building a loving family and a partnership. What I love most about Leslie is how vigorously she goes after what she wants. If she wants to become informed about a particular subject I will come home to a pile of books and documentaries. She's very good about setting her mind on a task or goal and doing everything she can to achieve it. This is important to me because she sets an example for our family and children to pursue their interests with excitement and passion. 

Leslie is very close with all her sisters, mom and dad, and her sister's husbands and children. Family is and always has been a top priority in her life. Leslie has dreamed all her life to have children and be a mom. Her parents instilled a deep gratitude for the privilege of having a big family with many siblings to count on to be her most trusted friends, confidents, and support network. Leslie has two nieces and two nephews so far and hopefully more to come. Natalie, Rick and Karina live in LA. Emilie, Rodrigo, Arthur and Beatriz live in Miami (Portuguese speaking household), Alexandra, Ernesto and Benji live in NY (Spanish speaking household), and JJ  and Patrick live in Boston. Leslie's parents both live in San Francisco, though separately. Despite the fact that Leslie and her sisters live all over the country they are together always for Christmas, New Years, and all the important events in our lives: weddings, graduations, and birthdays. And everything in between. Leslie and her sisters try to have the cousins all together as much as possible so the really know one another like brothers and sisters. 

Leslie & Jason yearn to adopt. We are hoping to adopt a baby of any race because we feel that skin color does not make a family. We hope that you feel the same way.  If you're considering placing your baby for adoption, please call anytime 1-800-563-7964 to find out more. Birth Mother Expenses Paid.

Jason is a lovely and generous man. He is an accomplished artist, loyal friend, dutiful son, reliable brother, and the best husband I could ever hope for. He is creative, fun, funny, and always full of ideas about where to go, what to eat, and which sneakers to be wearing. He has become an expert in many things and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his hobbies including golf, snowboarding, cooking, and sneaker collecting. He loves music and collects records. We spend many mornings making coffee and listening to records and dancing around the living room together. When cooking meals he loves to spend hours shopping to find each perfect ingredient for the elaborate meals he cooks for us. He is an avid bbq'er. He can spend hours preparing and smoking meat. He doesn't love green things as much as meat and cheese (but my love for all things raw and green more than makes up for it!). Jason is an attentive, responsible, and sensitive partner. He races in to action whenever any one is sick, going to the pharmacy, calling the doctor, bringing us anything we need, and making sure we are well taken care of. In fact the moment I knew I wanted to marry him was when he took care of me after I broke my wrist in a bicycle accident. His love and his care for me was overwhelming and I could see that he would be the person I would always be able to count on and he has proved me right every day since. 

Please call anytime 1-800-563-7964


Leslie's mom made every holiday big and small into huge events. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July were always some of the most important. Leslie's house was always the center of the celebrations for family and friends. In school Leslie loved acting in the school plays--not singing because she has a comically terrible singing voice! Leslie studied ballet for years and even performed in the SF Ballet version of the Nutcracker several times. Leslie grew up loving art, music and dancing. She has made a career in the arts supporting artists and being part of an extensive world-wide network of art lovers. She still loves going to see live music and dancing as much as possible. 

We are Jason and Leslie. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us here. We are deeply grateful to be considered as adoptive parents to your child. We have nothing but love and respect for you in this moment. We understand that you are making an important decision in the life of your child and for yourself. We truly admire your courage and strength. We hope this letter we can provide you with an idea of what life would be like with us for your baby. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Your caring and loving decision will allow us to grow our family and we know that we will be devoted and dedicated parents.

We are open to adopting a child of any race and ethnicity and we are confident that our family will endlessly love your child. We want to help you throughout your journey and are open to speaking with you and being there for you during your pregnancy and afterwards.

Please feel free to call toll free number 1-800-563-7964 so we can get in touch with each other. If you have any questions about the legal process you can contact our attorney Suzanne Nichols.

We look forward to hearing from you!

With much love, Jason and Leslie 

We grew up in big, close families and both of us want that for our lives and for our children. We have both experienced the love the support, friendship, fun and chaos that a family brings to each member of a family and we want to continue to create and grow that for our little family. Our siblings are our closest confidents and friends and we deeply value the gift of having brothers and sisters.

We both have always had adoption in our minds as a possibility and are now very ready to welcome a new baby into our hearts and home and family. We have many friends who have adopted in all different kinds of situations: international, domestic newborn, transracial, and foster. We have spent many months reading the literature, talking intimately with adoptive parents, learning from their experiences, knowing their children and seeing what it takes for adoptive children to thrive. We feel we are entering this process with a clear understanding of the special responsibilities and distinctive parenting skills it takes to be an adoptive parent in order to properly support an adoptive child throughout their lives and at each unique stage in their life.

We are ready to adopt! We have a valid Home Study.1-800-563-7964 Anytime.